Once upon a time...

  ...a bunch of people - some couples, some singles - went on a weekend retreat.

The goal was to honestly reveal all the ridiculous, horrible, sweet and sappy relationship experiences they'd had.    As far as the ridiculous and the horrible, you know what they say - your tragedy is someone else's comedy!  And boy was there ALOT of "comedy".  

Many retreats, bunches of people and years later - here is the result....an original musical comedy that attempts to uncover what's underneath this curious thing called love. 

Of course, we came up with more questions than answers, including...

* Are we all "mad scientists" in the laboratory of love?

* Can couples exist in the same bathroom?
* What do Prince Charming and Snow White talk about after that kiss?
* Do you know what’s in your girlfriend’s nightstand?
* How do you stay curious about  each other after you've seen each other not just naked but – you know – sniveling, farting and chewing cereal too loud?

 And our favorite...
* Is love just Performance Art?

These  and other scenes  put a humorous light on how we deal with love, sex, and relationships.  

Whether you're in or out of love, this is the most fun you can have with your clothes on!

Our Mission

We believe harmony is possible and a sense of humor essential in relationships of every kind and want to foster better communication around the world.